RDWC 2x3 "Large"

RDWC 2x3 "Large"
Code: ILRDWCS7506

Number of Rows 2
Number of Modules 6
Modules Volume 42 L
Plant Spacing 750mm 
Dimensions (cm) 250 x 110
System Volume (liters) 280
Useful Volume (liters) 210
Blower Pump (lpm) 60
Areation Ratio (lpm / liters) 0,28
Water Pump (lph) 2500
Recirculation Ratio (lph / liters) 13,15
Power (watts) 105
Illumination (watts) 600(2)
Reservoir (liters) 200
Water Chiller HY 150
Vegetative Growth (cm) 50 - 70

RDWC 2x3 "Large" with Tubular Diffuser
€ 1.219,95 vat inc.
RDWC 2x3 "Large"
€ 1.139,95 vat inc.

42 liters PP anti UV total black growth modules, idrolab® inspection lid made from ABS anti UV heavy duty plastic, 15cm Net Pot, Water Return pump SICCE MULTI series made in Italy, Blower Pump HAILEA HAP-series, delivery line, return line and joint made in 63mm PVC, Seals for joints idrolab® 63mm bulkhead, 200mm tubular air diffuser TUBOFLEX®, air ring by idrolab® hand made in Italy, idrolab® return line in flexible PVC total black anti UV and anti algae, air distribution lines pre-assembly, 120 mesh in line filter with 6m3/h capacity, 1” flow valve, adjustable floating valve with reservoir adaptor, drainvalve, adjusting kit for water chiller, kit for emergency interventions, idrolab® Limited Warranty.

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