Why Hydroponics?


Hydroponics is a sustainable crop growing technique, and is efficient, productive, profitable and completely clean which represents the future food supply.
Hydroponic is a soilless crops technique suitable for various plant types that are grown with their roots suspended in a water-based nutrient solution enriched with oxygen.
If compared with traditional soil grown crops hydroponic is:
More sustainable…consumes 1/10 of water and 1/6 of fertilizers compared to in soil crops.
More reliable…higher quality and more controllable production for better yield, bigger and more colourful produce.
More efficient…produces up to 10 times more per square meter compared to traditional soil grown crops.
Cleaner...produces without the use of herbicides, pesticides and manure therefore reducing the risk of pathogenic infections.
More flexible… can be grown anywhere from normal household to commercial warehouse or green house.
More predictable…less affected by weather conditions and can be timed to produce in a specific period of the year which guarantees better prices.
WHY idrolab® Hydroponics?
idrolab® Hydroponics designs and produces innovative hydroponic systems for any type of crops:
Leaf crop, vine crop and medical crop using the best available material on the market. Our expert team is able to formulate simple, effective and profitable tailor made solutions that can be suited to any situation.
Thanks to the acquired experience we have developed an exclusive network of services which accompanies the client form the business plan to the set up phase including research into a profitable market. You can rely on our experts for a complete hydroponic system or even for the development of a tailor made nutrient solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
Due to an ever growing population, the natural resources are becoming less and less, soils and ground are becoming more polluted, desertification makes thousands of acres of soil unproductive each year and the traditional farming only makes it worse.
Competition from developing countries with lower labor costs are putting at risk our traditional farming system.
Become more efficient and productive today, upgrade to a hydroponic system with idrolab hydroponics.
Our expert team loves hydroponics and all projects linked to the hydroponic cultivation on any scale from the backyard to commercial farming on several acres.
Your success is our success so don’t wait to contact us.