Total Care Info


Idrolab® total care  is a sanitizing product with a hypochlorous acid base which has been scientifically tested.
It is a wide range action product, innovative, extremely effective, created for use during all crop cycle phases.
total care  is obtained by an electrolytic procedure starting from mineral salt in a watery solution, it is an ecological mixture which is safe, does not leave any dangerous residuals and is completely biodegradable. The chemical specifications make total care  an oxidizing agent, sanitizing and descaling, characteristics that broaden the application beyond the phenological stages.
total care  controls the bacterial and fungal infections, algae and biofilm formation and influences normal parasites production.
It can also be used to treat the recirculating nutrient solution, soil and soilless crops and can be used as a foliar spray, either as a preventative measure as well as shock intervention.
The sanitizing power of total care  makes the product suitable also to treat all surfaces of crop environments: pots, reservoirs, supports, ventilation ducts, fans, measurement instruments, tools and all which is used in a crop environment that can possibly spread an infection.
Once the run has finished, the used substrates can be regenerated and re-sanitized using total care.
The descaling power makes the product suitable for any irrigation system, where it regulates and cleans the water flow removing the build-up and any encrustations keeping away the danger of blockage.
Hygiene and cleanliness are the basis for a successful and great cycle and idrolab® total care  is the ideal product for all growers that want to maintain a sanitized, hygienic and perfect environment.

  • Encourages healthy and large root systems
  • Faster seed to harvest times
  • Increases yield
  • Reduces waste
  • Controls fungal and bacterial infections
  • Stops parasitic reproduction
  • Keeps a clean, crystalline and infection-free nutrient solution
  • Increases dissolving oxygen level
  • Eliminates root rot risks
  • Prevents biofilm formation
  • Increases nutrient solution ORP
  • Dissolves mineral build-up
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from reservoir and pots
Preventative weekly treatments for hydroponic systems / reservoir:
Add 5ml / 10L every 5-7 days if nutrient solution temperature is lower than 22° or every 1-3 days if the nutrient solutions temperature exceeds 25°.
Periodic and final nutrient flush:
Periodic: add 10ml/10L and leave for 12-24 hours. Drain the solution and remix a new nutrient solution.
Final: add 10ml/10L every day for the last 3-5 days of fruits or flowers production.
Cloning / propagation:
Add to 10-15ml/ 10L and irrigate normally.
Emerge the clones into a solution with 20ml/10L before applying gel or powder.
Hydroponic system / reservoir cleaning:
Add 30ml/10L and leave 24 hrs before draining the system or reservoir.
Cleaning used substrates:
Leave the used substrate emerged for one night in 30ml/10L solution composed of water and total care. The substrates should not be excessively degraded or contaminated.
Foliar spray:
Add 10ml/10L and spray the leaves.