The waranty includes:
All the components directly produced by idrolab® which are covered for twelve months.
The water and air pumps are covered by the corresponding six month warranty supplied by the producer.
The warranty does not include:
All the components which need to be periodically replaced to ensure a perfect functoning of the system ( net pot, air ring, air hose exc...).
idrolab® replaces the products, repairs the products and sends the single spare parts if needed when the client provides proof of purchase ( fiscal receipt, invoice ) together with a detailed defect descripton to : info@idrolabhydroponics.com
idrolab® reserves the rights to request photographic proof of the product defect and the possibility to request a delivery to our head office in order to evaluate the defect with the quality control department.
The warranty does not cover delivery costs for the pieces which will be the responsibility of the client.
Legal Informaton
In addition damages caused by insects, animals, incorrect use, inappropriate use, negligence, accidental collisions, vandalism, polluton, paint, solvents, assembly not in accordance with the manual supplied. In all these cases the warranty is no longer valid.
The warranty cannot be used in case of natural disasters like: wind, hail, storms, snow, ice, flooding, extreme heat, fire.
The warranty is not applied in the cases where the plastc had presents fading, stains and marks on the plastc, damages caused by dirt which are physiological and unavoidable if the system is installed in the open without any protecton.
Warranty coverage will be determined solely by idrolab®, which reserves the rights to assess case by case.