Propagation Systems


Having an efficient and constantly operative propagation system for seedlings is really advantageous. idrolab® has developed an excellent propagation trays system which further increases the grower’s flexibility during the planning crops phase. Starting work with the seeds provides ensures financial savings over a long period. idrolab® propagation systems work as a flood and drain irrigation system, they are extremely easy to maintain and use space efficiently.
Substrate cube panels are placed on top of abs plastic trays which are flood fed at regular intervals. The overflow drain regulates the water level in the trays. The propagation tray systems adapt perfectly to all idrolab® growth systems and together are proven systems that can considerably reduce the necessary labor in order to maintain the crops.
Proven Production Model
A 360° tested service, cost planning, knowledge transfer, set-up, management and post harvest. Idrolab®'s production model works in complete synergy in all the process phases guaranteeing considerable advantages to all growers. It is an environmentally sustainable production model: utilizing recycled material, enables to save enormous amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides however guaranteeing an increase in profits, yield increase and labor reduction.
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