Sizing Guide


Personalized sizing: All idrolab® RDWC systems are available in complete kits without rigid PVC pipes so they can be adapted to client needs.
Remote Epicenter: All idrolab® RDWC systems can be set up with a remote epicenter. The system epicenter can be assembled outside the growing space or grow box.
These options require minimum skills on behalf of the client who will have to take care of the cutting and gluing operations alone for the PVC pipe installation.
The configuration choice is fundamental in order to obtain amazing results keeping in mind the available space, lighting and the number of plants that are intended to be used.
Other factors like the control of environment temperatures and ventilation are also to be considered for a correct configuration choice.
Contact Idrolab for a personalized quotation. Supplying the layout of your crop project our team of experts will guide you, finding the best solution to reach exceptional yields.
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