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RDWC systems takes advantage of negative air and water pressure to provide high concentrations of oxygen in the nutrient solution through constant re-circulation in radical growth areas. Recirculation allows for explosive growth thanks to oxygen loading by nutrients that creates healthy aerobic conditions and also guarantee the uniformity of pH, EC and water temperature in the whole system.

flexible design

Setup your system according to your available space. If you don’t find your perfect system among the 24 presets with 2,3 or 4 lines, you can choose a custom system varying the distance between growing units and lines, positioning of epicenter and the suitable power of the equipment for your custom system. All of our systems are extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and expand.


Sistema RDWC Original a 2 file


Sistema RDWC large a 2 file


Sistema RDWC Original a 3 file


Sistema RDWC large a 3 file


Sistema RDWC Original a 4 file


Sistema RDWC Original a 4 file

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“Original” models has a 55cm distance between centers of cultivation units as well as between each line.

They are suitable for rapid vegetative stages and high intensity flowering with 4 plants per square meter.

“Large” Models has a 75cm distance between centers of cultivation units as well as between each line.

They are thought for longer vegetative stages and flowering with a reduced number of plants per square meter.

Our team will support you in the creation of your custom RDWC system to meet your space availability, growing strategy and any other need.

High Performance

Idrolab Hydroponics RDWC systems will reduce the workload required for their maintenance and will place your plants on the right track to express in full their genetic potential.

The steady re-circulation and the high levels of dissolved oxygen optimize the absorption of nutrients by the radical system and boosts the effects of the nutrient solution. The development of roots in complete acqueous medium culminates in an outstanding terpenes profile, resin and essential oils production and guarantee an exceptional cleanness of the final product.

All of our systems can be integrated with automation and control devices, nutrient dosers, automatic refilling tanks and dissolved oxygen diffusers.

Are you ready for to bring your hydroponic cultivation to the next frontier?

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