The modular and customizable pots in ABS plastic by
Idrolab Hydroponics

Idropot: sistema combinato idrocap + idropot


Idrocap is a revolutionary diffusion device for precision irrigation in hydroponic and soil-free systems that enables the optimization of water distribution and efficency of your plantation, making you save water, time and money.

diffusore Idrocap

You can integrate an irrigation system or you can still take advantage of Idrocap with manual irrigation. Thanks to the honeycomb design you will be able to water with uniformity the whole surface of your cultivation medium.

Idrocap also contribute to maintain a clean and healthy environment, free from pathogens, by blocking the light and thus preventing the formation of seaweeds in your growing medium.

Idrocap dimensioni 15x15 cm

You can use it in combination with any growing technique and can be placed directly over rockwool or coconut fiber cubes, or above the pot filled with your favorite mixture.

Cubetto di lana di roccia + idrocap
idrocap + vaso idropot
Idrocap su vaso generico

Idrocap is equipped with four anchor points carved directly in the device that allow the fixing of a 6 mm irrigation pipe without using any clips.


They are innovative 4,5l and 2,25l pots for hydroponic and soiless cultivation designed to be used in combination with Idrocap. Idropot are engineered with micro-perforated plastic, bottom with legs and an internal truncated conical drainage to give your system an unprecedented levels of oxygen exchange surface.

They can be used with any growing medium and any cultivation technique to provide an immediate boost to your hydroponic plantation.

Idropot prevent root circling, diminished the stress of the root system after transplantation and maximize the process of roots air-pruning.

Micro-perforated design also guarantee a perfect drainage.

100% italian products

Idrocap and Idropot are 100% Made in Italy and printed with superior quality ABS plastic suitable for food applications, BPA free, easy to wash and sanitize after each cycle and 100% recyclable.


Idrocap and Idropot are much more than a simple soil-free cultivation pot. They are a true hydroponic system, simple, intuitive, reliable and eco-friendly.

They will dramatically improve the uniformity of irrigation and medium drainage rate making more efficient any irrigation system and providing enhanced yields.

tested production system

Our precision irrigation devices Idrocap and Idropot with Idrotrays modular trays, our Idroroll e Idroracks and our Premium Nutrients mineral fertilizers Brand constitute an efficient and dynamic cultivation system that is at the base of many successful cultivations in Europe.

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